Model responses to aerosol forcing, 1850-2014

Bjorn Stevens’ team has developed a “simple plume” aerosol model, MACv2-SP, which prescribes optical properties of anthropogenic aerosol and aerosol indirect (Twomey) effect. Because different climate models use different aerosol schemes, the response to aerosol forcing has not historically been easy to evaluate. By using consistent aerosol climatologies, each model’s aerosol response can be compared. The MACv2-SP Fortran code is available as a supplement to the GMDD paper that describes the model. For this component of RFMIP, centres using MACv2-SP as their anthropogenic aerosol model require no additional simulations to be run.

Table 1: Specified aerosol experiments

Experiment title CMIP6 label Tier Years Parallel experiment
RFMIP-SpAer-all hist-spAer-all 1 1850-2014 CMIP6 historical
RFMIP-SpAer-aer hist-spAer-aer 2 1850-2014 Historical-Aer (DAMIP)
RFMIP-SpAer-ERF-anthro piClim-SpAer-anthro 2 30 RFMIP-ERF-piClim-anthro
RFMIP-SpAer-ERF-aer piClim-SpAer-aer 2 30 RFMIP-ERF-piClim-aer
RFMIP-SpAer-ERF-histall piClim-spAer-histall 2 1850-2014 RFMIP-ERF-piClim-histall
RFMIP-SpAer-ERF-histaer piClim-spAer-histaer 2 1850-2014 RFMIP-ERF-piClim-histaer